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At night, on faultlines is a five-screen dance video installation; it is a performative work that focuses on the question of “home” in Istanbul, and beyond.

The many lives that live, endure, persevere and fail in the cities we inhabit — cities that sits on fault lines, both geographically as well as metaphorically with the weight of the past, as well as the ongoing political, social, economical, and ecological strifes.


While several screens make a montage of dancers in different rooms of the “home”, other screens reveal Istanbul and its many facets; the sea, the sky, extreme crowd, traffic jam, nighttime — movement.


The city is the protagonist of the film. Istanbul is the stage, the home that is cracking. Dancers are the shifting figures that are rotating over the house.


Structured in 5 episodes of a day - dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, night - what cuts through the traffic, the suffocating crowd, the incessant noise, is the dance that perseveres in several screens for dance allows us to keep moving, and being in movement is being alive.

Film stills and exhibition stills from “Rewinding Internationalism” curated by Nick Aikens at Van Abbemuseum.

Co-produced by Anna Maria Aslanoğlu + Didem Pekün


Cinematographer Petros Nousias

2nd Unit DoP Barış Aygen


Choreography/Concept Mihran Tomasyan

Created with & Performed by (in alphabetical order)

Beste Demir

Ekin Önce

Leyla Postalcıoğlu

Mihran Tomasyan

Nazlı Durak

Nazlı Tecimer

Ufuk Fakıoğlu

Fay Hattı

2023    5 screen video installation

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