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Film stills and exhibition stills from “Rewinding Internationalism” curated by Nick Aikens at Van Abbemuseum.

Director Didem Pekün

Producer Anna Maria Aslanoğlu & ISTOS Film

Co-producer Melek Ulagay
Director of Photography Petros Nousias (GSC)

2nd Unit Director of Photography Barış Aygen (GYD)

Editor Eytan İpeker (BFS, KUDA)

Writers Didem Pekün & Eytan İpeker

Sound Design Taylan Geçit

Music Berke Can Özcan & Elena Kakaliagou

Choreography/Concept Mihran Tomasyan

Created with & Performed by (in alphabetical order)

Beste Demir

Ekin Önce

Leyla Postalcıoğlu

Mihran Tomasyan

Nazlı Durak

Nazlı Tecimer

Ufuk Fakıoğlu

Otherwise in Istanbul

2024    75 Minutes    Surround Sound

A creative dance documentary, Otherwise in Istanbul, follows the Istanbulian dancer Mihran Tomasyan, in a narrative told through his Armenian family history and identity, woven with archives,  a collectively improvised choreography and the chaos of contemporary Istanbul.


Otherwise in Istanbul looks at life in Istanbul through Mihran’s story; his dance years in France as well as family clips; like his Armenian grandmother who has witnessed the transformation of Turkish Republic, as well as a family dinner with the late Hrant Dink. This is a look at life through affirmation; a universal story of optimism, of communitarianism affirmed through dancing together and living otherwise.

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