Disturbed Earth


Disturbed Earth is the term US Security Council analysts used to name what they saw on aerial photos that evinced mass graves at Srebrenica. The genocide could have been prevented; international forces were informed, yet did not intervene, as they stood paralysed by the unending back and forth of bureaucratic protocol. So refugees seeking shelter in the UN base camp were handed over to the perpetrators to be transported to a certain death. 

Based on the close study of historical documents*, the project Disturbed Earth will reconstruct the conditions of the disaster via a montage of image and text material displayed in a multi-screen installation. Institutional incompetence laid bare: the tragedy of bureaucracy haunts history. The project seeks to address the horrific contradiction that the UN, set up to secure peace via the rule of law, failed to deliver justice as the slow workings of this very law precluded timely interventions. So the project asks: What infrastructure would it take to stop events from accelerating beyond the irreversible point of historical regret?

* in collaboration with Open Society Archives.